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Grease Compatibility Chart Mixing greases in a system can cause issues with thickener systems reacting with each other This can change the physical and chemical structure of the grease, causing an inability to hold or release the base oil

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Anhydrous calcium-based grease was obtained according to Reference [14] Base greases and additives with different concentrations were thoroughly mixed prior to the tests, and finely ground three times in a three-roller mill The tribological performances of anhydrous calcium grease samples

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Heavy duty greases based on calcium sulphonate complex soap containing MoS 2 and graphite for the lubrication of highly stressed plain bearings, gear boxes, and open gear systems Excellent protection against corrosion (even in the presence of salt water) and wear, excellent working stability, extremely good EP resistance

Lubrication Performance of α-Zirconium Phosphates as an ,

Lubrication Performance of α-Zirconium Phosphates as an Anti-Wear Additive in Vegetable Oil-Based Anhydrous Calcium Grease , vegetable oil grease and white oil grease The wear values of MoS 2


based grease This product is compatible with other polyurea grease enabling its use across multiple applications Poly-Xtreme outperforms traditional soap-based greases with excellent low temperature properties, superior water washout resistance and good shear stability This grease also has the ability to migrate where lubrication is required

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How to Determine Grease Compatibility and Why It’s Important The risks of mixing lubricants and new methods for determining long-term compatibility impacts Richard N Wurzbach, Gretchen Kowalik, MRG Labs York, Pennsylvania, USA Abstract Grease compatibility charts have been developed and circulated since the 1980s without much alteration

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temperature, and the base anhydrous calcium-based grease was obtained Varying concentrations (10–70 wt %) of -ZrP, MoS2, and graphite were added to the calcium grease to investigate the effect of these additives on the tribological behavior of grease Each calcium grease sample was mixed via

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Chevron Grease Toolkit This toolkit is designed as a hands-on approach to help the end-user focus on selecting the right premium Chevron greases for various segments, applications, and conditions to ensure operational reliability, while

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The word grease comes from the Latin word “crassus,” meaning “fat, dense or thick,” which adequately describes its consistency The ancient Romans and Egyptians are both believed to have been among the first to create real grease by combining olive oil with lime (calcium carbonate) to make calcium-based grease

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Temperature range +100 to +235°C (285°C short periods) Outstanding extreme pressure performance Low volatility base oil ensures the long service life Resistant to water washout Unaffected by low speed running Ideal for heavy loaded, slow-moving applications

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Choosing the Right Grease Thickening System , The most common mixed soap grease is lithium/calcium as the lithium will improve the high temperature resistance of the resulting grease while the calcium improves the water washout and cost The combination of sodium/calcium has also been used where the calcium improves the water resistance .

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Choosing a Multi-Purpose Grease: Lithium Complex or Calcium Sulfonate? , Calcium based greases have been rated high for water resistance but poor for elevated temperatur On the other hand, , A calcium-sulfonate grease can also be applied in more types of industries compared to lithium-complex greases, .

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Same as with graphite additive greases (53), but without any negative impact on bicycle bearings So lithium, or calcium greases with MoS 2 won’t be bad for bearings, just needlessly expensive Exception where MoS 2 greases are useful can be coaster hubs (hub brakes), where excellent heat resistance can help grease hold it’s own better .

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So lithium, or calcium greases with MoS 2 , That’s one desperate argument and Shimano’s grease is calcium based which is compatible with calcium and poly by your own charts It’s simply not a concern to be worried about as by the time ANY hub grease crosses that many barriers in sufficient quantity environmental contaminations would of .

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Over based calcium sulfonate greases, also popularly known as sulfonate greases, are not new to the industry as it appears and were patented as early as in 1940's One of the reasons for development of this class of greases appears to be the efforts to improve the high temperature capabilities of calcium greas

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775419 - HD Calcium Grease _____ Suggestions provided in this section for exposure control and specific types of protective equipment are based on readily available information Users should consult with the specific manufacturer to confirm the performance of their protective

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The anhydrous calcium grease is outstanding in water resistance, stability, corrosion resistance, and salt spray corrosion resistance In order to better understand the tribological properties of α-ZrP, we selected MoS 2 and graphite as the reference in this research

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The calcium sulfonate thickener in the Mobil Centaur Moly products represents a significant advance in grease formulation technology Unlike conventional soap-based thickeners (ie, lithium, aluminum and calcium soaps), the calcium sulfonate thickener does much more than simply impart consistency

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Eiffel Grease Ca-EP series are high performance greases, formulated with Calcium based thickeners and an ISO VG 320 mineral base stock to provide added protection against wear, rusting and water washout They are available in NLGI grades 2 3, which are suitable for general purpose automotive

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NISOTEC GREASE Ca 2 is a multi-purpose calcium-based grease, without EP additives and solid supplements Provides exceptional resistance to the presence of water and excellent protection against corrosion and wear in conditions of moderate loads It can be used at temperatures from -25°C to +60°C

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Calcium Sulfonate Grease is premium grade high performance grease specially formulated with organic base thickener in refined mineral oil The organic complex thickener system of Calcium Sulfonate Grease is characterized by a very high dropping point, outstanding oxidation stability, excellent water resistance properties, shear

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Uniform grey black grease with wear resistance, rustproof, antiseptic, anti-oxidizing, advanced grease and good film-forming protection properti 2# and 3#widely used for metallurgical,agricultural machinery and some precision equipment 4# for heavily laden equipment with low speed in ,

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Special-Purpose Calcium Sulfonate Grease with 5% Moly (TY27370, TY27371, TY27372, TY27373) , (MoS 2) TY6333 Test analysis: , John 5 th Wheel Bio-based Grease is a superior bio-based and biodegradable number 2 grease for sliding surfac Features and benefits

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For example, lithium grease can be applied both in chassis and wheel bearing applications of transport vehicl Historically, calcium greases were used as chassis and soda (sodium) base greases used as wheel bearing greas Calcium base greases were rated as excellent greases for water resistance, but poor for high temperatur


SOAP BASED GREASE Soap based grease contains organic or inorganic thickeners It is formed when the fatty acid or ester (from either animals or vegetables) is mixed with an alkali (such as lithium) and then heated under pressure with agitation The process of this chemical reaction, which takes place is known as saponification LITHIUM GREASE

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Lithium-based greases are the most commonly used; sodium and lithium-based greases have higher melting point (dropping point) than calcium-based greases but are not resistant to the action of water Lithium-based grease has a dropping point at 190 to 220 °C (350 to 400 °F) However the maximum usable temperature for lithium-based grease is .

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Multipurpose Calcium Grease Valvoline Multipurpose Calcium 2 is a conventional calcium grease formulated with napthenic base oil and enhanced with a green color to enable easy verification on applied parts The product has good water resistance properties and protects against rust and corrosion especially in marine and agriculture .

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Calcium sulfonates are the fastest growing grease thickener type, finding new and diverse applications such as steel manufacturing, off-highway equipment, nuclear power plants and food machinery The general process for making gelled calcium sulfonate grease ,


The tackiness characteristics of Chevron Ultra-Duty Greases EP make these products somewhat harder to pump than the historical soft, buttery greas For this reason, we recommend the use of a heavy follower plate with air-driven grease pumps Chevron Ultra-Duty Greases EP lubricate well at low temperatur The ASTM D1478 low temperature

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