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Chevy Transmissions: Muncie M22 “Rock Crusher 4 Speeds were made From 1965 TO 1974: The most popular transmission of it’s time for high performance cars built for Chevrolet and all performance oriented GM cars They have the same gear ratios as the legendary M21 but with a heavy duty gearset

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NEW, Complete 69 Camaro Muncie 4 Speed Conversion Kit now available! This kit will get you basically everything needed to convert a automatic 1969 Camaro into a four speed machine! You have a choice of a original completely rebuilt GM Muncie M20, M21 or M22 Rock Crusher transmission

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Dec 10, 2014· The nostalgic sound of a GM Muncie M22 "Rockcrusher" 4 speed manual transmission The nostalgic sound of a GM Muncie M22 "Rockcrusher" 4 speed manual transmission , Muncie M22 4 Speed Rock .

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New Super Heavy Duty Direct Replacement and Strongest M22’s Made With Muncie Auto Gear Super Case and Strongest M22 Close Ratio or Wide Ratio Gears 26 spline input and large 32 spline output shaft C355 Forged Aluminum Mid-Plate Super Tail AG Roller Side Cover A great Super Heavy Duty Rock Crusher M22 for your Camaro, Nova, Chevelle, Corvette or other GM car

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Jul 05, 2016· The Muncie four-speed transmission was used with many different models and engine combinations from 1963 through 1974 And you’re right, Zack, not too many people actually know how to .

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If you’ve ever looked at a BorgWarner T-10 and a Muncie four-speed and gotten them mixed up, you are not alone because the Muncie (M20, M21, and M22) is a direct descendant of the T-10 according to Cangialosi The Saginaw four-speed box is quite similar to both the T-10 and Muncie four-speed transmissions

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& M22 is a four speed, RWD or 4WD transmission The M21 & M22 is a Muncie engineering design, this transmission is aluminum case, extension housing and side cover The side cover has seven bolts and two shift cams The synchro rings have 35 teeth and the unit has a 4 step cluster gear

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How to Identify Muncie 4 Speed Transmissions Identifying Muncie 4 Speeds III by Paul Cangialosi : The most popular question has to be that everyone thinks they have the famous "rockcrusher" M22 4 speed This had the same gear ratios as the M21 but with ,

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Muncie also had a second close-ratio transmission coded M22 and known as the "rock crusher," which was used behind performance big-block engines and in some Corvett These M22 units are highly sought-after for performance applications The term "rock crusher" refers to the noise made by the meshing of the strong-er helical gears in the M22

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Rebuilt 1968 camaro muncie m20 4 speed transmission & hurst shifter (hoffman estates) Sold at 1250 $ Up for sale is a rebuilt muncie m20 4 speed transmission with a hurst shifter the transmission has been rebuilt and is ready to install the codes off the transmission are: 3857584 gm 3925560 p8h26 - june 26th 1968 after it's sold, >>Notify me

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Sep 15, 2010· Across the top of the page are the words “First Build 4/15/65 – 1st Shipment 4/19/65, recap of M22 (Rock Crusher) Trans” By comparing these M22 transmission assemblies to Chevrolet’s 1965 transmission identification codes, I found a perfect match

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The Muncie 4-speed transmission was used with many different GM models and engine combinations from 1963 through 1974 The basic design and operation theory of the gearbox changed little during this period, however several design upgrades and modifications were made during the total production run

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Mar 30, 2009· That's where the 'whine' come's from with those transmission's Also, there's companies out there that are making new gear set's for Muncie's as wellnot just stock replacement stuff either You can outfit an M20 or M21 with Rock Crusher type gears, OR actually make a 3 speed O/D out of a 4 speed case Forth being the overdrive obviously

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Transmissions are an essential part of hot rod builds One of the most common swaps involves a Muncie 4-speed These are easy to adapt to a wide range of hot rods There are three basic types of Muncies: M20, M21 and M22 A Muncie differs from a Saginaw transmission in that its reverse lever is in the tail housing, not the side cover

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NEW Muncie M22 SUPER ROCK CRUSHER 4 speed $239900 No Price Muncie Master Overhaul Kit The ultimate Master rebuild kit for Muncie transmissions Kit includes: From $28300 Muncie Overhaul Kit 1966-74 Complete overhaul kit for Muncie 4 speed transmissions, 1966-1974 From $11495 Muncie Heavy Duty Competition Overhaul kit 66-74

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Muncie 4-Speed: The Complete History To understand the evolution of the Muncie 4-speed you have to look at a series of engineering platforms that led to the final design of this transmission The Muncie design has roots going back to 1935

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Home of the world's best 4 speed muncie transmissions and parts We also offer muncie rebuild kits, racing parts and m22 rock crusher transmissions

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Why should you purchase a new Muncie 4 Speed from us? Paul Cangialosi has been involved in the manual transmission parts and rebuilding business since 1981 His BOOK on building and modifying manual transmissions is an Amazon best seller His new MUNCIE BOOK, due out in October of 2014, explores Muncie rebuilding, performance tips, and history .

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MUNCIE M-22 - Rock Crusher Four Speed Transmission - All New Internal Parts - $1,79500 For sale is a Factory Replica of the Close Ratio Muncie Rock Crusher Four Speed Transmission typically used in High Performance 1969 to 1974 Corvette`s, Camaros, Chevelles, Nova`s, El Camino`s, Impala`s, Oldsmobiles and Pontiacs This transmission has been upgraded with an Auto Gear Billet Aluminum ,

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An M-22 "Rock Crusher" is a Muncie four-speed transmission for cars made by General Motors in the 1960s Identify a transmission type correctly before fitting it into your car If you have the incorrect transmission, your car may not function properly You can identify several unique signs that ,

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Aug 07, 2018· GM’s goal with the Muncie four-speed was to produce a better shift employing larger synchro con He tells us both the M20 wide-ratio and M21 close-ratio transmissions were first offered in ,

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The Muncie case (3831704) replaced the T10 4-speed in the 1963 Chevrolet Bel Air and Corvette by mid-May of that year The T10 front bearing size was reduced in diameter in 1963 only This meant that the transmission’s front bearing retainer and register bore of the bellhousing were also smaller in ,

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The Muncie 4 speed was created in response to the engine power levels in GM vehicles exceeding the limits of an earlier transmission, the Borg Warner T-10 4 speed Although the Muncie 4 speed found it easier to handle engine's growing power, its design borrowed from that of the T-10 it was replacing and even used the same basic layout

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When the engine was driving at low revs the transmission would rattle like it had gravel inside and would whine at high rpms The M22 was eventually dubbed the “Rock Crusher” It is a common misconception that all Muncie transmissions are “Rock Crushers”, but it is only the M22 that deserves that name

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NEW DESIGN MUNCIE M22 ROCK CRUSHER CLOSE RATIO 4 SPEED THIS IS THE M-22 TRANSMISSION THAT GM COULD NOT BUILD! Newly designed STATE-OF-THE-ART Muncie front case from "Auto Gear" This is by far the "BEST" replacement aluminum case ever built for a Muncie! The front bearing is a "SEALED" bearing, and slightly thicker than the original Muncie's .

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Muncie M62/M64 — 3-speed longitudinal transmission made by GM; Muncie SM420 — 4-speed manual used up to 1967, very similar to sm 465 except small changes to gear ratios and location of reverse New Process Gear NP435 - 4-speed longitudinal transmission ,

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Sep 23, 2018· The 256:1 ratio is commonly referred to as the M20 Muncie also had a second close-ratio transmission designated M22 and often referred to as the “rock-crusher,” which was used behind the highest-performance engines and in Corvettes, the M22 is a highly sought-after performance transmission

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Performance Built Muncie M22 Rock Crusher 4 Speed Transmission This unit has been rebuilt at our state of the art facility We have carefully engineered a process that allows us to bring you a product we can stand behind This is a direct replacement for the following Chevrolet ,Oldsmobile, Buick, and Pontiac vehicl Compatible Vehicles .

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The 256:1 ratio is commonly referred to as the M20 Muncie also had a second close-ratio transmission designated M22 and often referred to as the “rock-crusher,” which was used behind the highest-performance engines and in Corvettes, the M22 is a highly sought-after performance transmission

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1964 to 1968 Muncie 4-speed transmissions can be identified from later models by the way the transmission arms attach Early Muncie side covers had a stud and the shift arm attached with a nut on the stud while the 1969 and later model side covers had a hole and the shift arms attached with a bolt

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